There are few ways to identify an original Jamdani saree:

  1. Fabric: Jamdani sarees are traditionally made from high-quality cotton or silk fabrics. The cotton used is usually fine and soft to the touch, while the silk is usually a thick, heavy silk. If the saree feels rough or is made from synthetic materials, it may not be an authentic Jamdani saree.

  2. Weaving technique: The designs on Jamdani sarees are created using a supplementary weft technique, in which extra threads are added to the weft of the fabric and woven into the saree. The designs should be intricate and delicate, and the borders should be neat and precise. If the designs are rough or uneven, it may not be an authentic Jamdani saree.

  3. Designs: The designs on Jamdani sarees are usually floral and geometric patterns, but can also include abstract designs, paisleys, and even human and animal figures. The designs should be well-defined and should not be faded or smudged.

  4. Colors: The colors used on Jamdani sarees are usually bright and vibrant. The sarees are known for their rich, lustrous finish. If the colors are dull or faded, it may not be an authentic Jamdani saree.

  5. Label: The saree should be labeled with the name of the weaver or the name of the organization that produced it. It is advisable to buy from a reputed source or a trusted seller to ensure that you are getting an original Jamdani saree.

It's also important to note that Jamdani sarees are considered to be a luxury item and are quite expensive, so if you come across a Jamdani saree that is being sold at a very low price, it's likely to be a fake or a lower quality product.