Jamdani is a type of weaving technique that originated in Bangladesh and is known for its intricate designs and fine muslin fabric. In Jamdani weaving, "count" refers to the number of warp (vertical) threads per inch or centimeter on the loom.

The higher the count, the finer and more intricate the design that can be created. A higher count also means that the fabric will be lighter and softer, making it more comfortable to wear in hot and humid climates.

Typically, Jamdani fabrics are made with a count ranging from 40 Count to 100 Count, with higher counts being more expensive and luxurious. The most common count used in Jamdani weaving is around 60 and 80 Count.

According to weavers 80 count means alamin 40 count and 60 Count means 26 count. But we business owners call it 80 and 60 count. When you purchase jamdani sarees please note these informations so you'll not face unauthentic details about Jamdanis.